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BRC Provides comprehensive discovery and preclinical developmental phase bioanalytical laboratory solutions that enable our clients to make decisions faster and reach milestones.

The state-of-art GLP-compliant bioanalysis at BRC is blended with a combination of advanced instrumentation and skilled scientists with rich experience in quantitative measurement of wide range of drugs and metabolites, and biomarkers in various biological matrices.

We continuously strive to incorporate the latest technologies in bioanalysis and optimize the workflow to maintain the balance between data quality and timelines.

Our Offerings

  • Method Development and Validation

    The quantitative measurement of chemical and biological drug molecules, their metabolites, therapeutic proteins and biomarkers in a biological matrix is critical to decide the fate of the analyte of interest across preclinical and clinical programs. The ability of the validated method to distinguish the analyte of interest from matrix components and generate reliable results is the key to judge the success of any program.

    The scientific approach of the team in understanding the chemical nature of the compound paired with knowledge and expertise results in the development of highly robust and reliable bioanalytical methods that deliver consistent performance throughout the program. The team at BRC is well acquainted with the current regulatory guidelines for Bioanalytical Method Validation.

  • Rapid Discovery Bioanalysis

    We are a versatile team with a strong commitment to deliver uncompromising data in a rapid turnaround time and meet the pace of our clients discovery programs and development timelines.

    We strive to develop cost effective and efficient bioanalytical methods to support ADME assays and aid in early characterization of new chemical entities. We follow a systematic approach and generate data using fit-for-purpose bioanalytical methods that provide critical insights required to predict the compounds metabolism and pharmacokinetics at an early development stage and alter the development strategy.

    Our experienced team can deliver quality results with low sample volumes using the advanced techniques. We develop customized assays that are specific and sensitive enough to support the pharmacokinetic and toxicokinetic studies in animal models.

  • Quantitative Mass Spectrometric Bioanalysis

    Tandem Mass Spectrometry is the tool of choice for detection and quantitation of several compounds across the wide product portfolio of the pharmaceutical industry. The team at BRC takes a proactive approach to develop the bioanalytical methods in different matrices for differentiated products.

    Summary of our expertise in bioanalysis includes:

    • Instrumentation Platform
      • Sciex 4500 Triple Quad & Analyst 1.7
      • Shimadzu Nexera UHPLC
      • ESI & APCI Techniques
    • Assay development and validation to support Pharmacokinetic & Toxicokinetic Studies
    • Sample analysis from In Vitro ADME studies
    • Tissue analysis
    • Peptide Bioanalysis
    • Biomarker Bioanalysis

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