In Vivo Pharmacology

In Vivo Efficacy and Target Engagement

The major source of attrition beyond toxicity and poor drug-like properties is due to lack of clinical efficacy. The foremost approach to overcome the clinical efficacy pitfall is to identify the right pre-clinical efficacy model during the discovery and development of new therapies.

Target engagement is an essential tool to measure the selective binding of a compound at the selected target protein to elicit the relevant therapeutic effect. This can remarkably guide the researchers to select and rank order the compounds to move forward with the probability of success.

Our experienced team is capable of developing wide range of non-clinical pharmacology models allowing to screen and characterize your molecule’s efficacy.  Our mission is to provide you with high quality efficacy data to meet the clinical endpoint.

In several CNS disorders it is crucial for the molecule to be able to pass through the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).  It is critical to measure the compound of interest in brain during routine CNS PK studies so that it can be linked with Pharmacodynamics studies to explore PK/PD relation.

In vivo Occupancy assay using non-radiolabelled tracers:

Out team has 15 years of experience in identifying the tracer for novel targets to study the target engagement.

In vivo occupancy assay for validated and non-validated targets in rodents using non-radiolabelled tracers.

We offer customized efficacy models and help you determine your compound’s efficacy profile.

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