In Vivo Pharmacokinetics

In Vivo Pharmacokinetic Screening

Measurement of drug exposure and its clearance from the biological system is one of the most critical phases of drug development process. With the team’s rich experience in conducting safety assessments, BRC offers fast, reliable and a diverse range of in vivo GLP compliant pharmacokinetic screening services in multiple animal models.

Our pharmacokineticists will work as an extension of your team and support you expedite the development goals by providing insights on study designs and interpretations for pharmacokinetics data as they are vital in selection of species, dosing regimen, design of preclinical toxicology screening and formulation development.

Our unique approach in understanding the physiochemical properties of the test compound will give us an advantage to anticipate the challenges and develop mitigation strategies during sample collection and processing. This combined with our rich experience in bioanalysis can generate reliable pharmacokinetic data for stratification of promising compounds or products for further development.

The scientific team at BRC are well versed with variety of data analysis platforms and modelling tools critical in providing meaningful data sets to our clients for better decision making in advancing potential therapeutic compounds or products for further development.

Our Offerings

  • In Vivo Pharmacokinetic Capabilities

    We offer regular and customized services to fulfil the research needs of our clients

    • Dose Linearity - Single / Multiple dose
    • Dose Proportionality
    • Bioavailability and Bioequivalence
    • Discrete / Cassette
    • Parallel / Crossover
    • Effect of Food and Gender
    • Disposition Studies in Rats using bile duct cannulation
    • Biomarker Assessment
    • Tissue Distribution (Non-radioactive)
    • Brain Penetration
    • Ocular PK
    • Dermal PK
    • Noncompartmental and Compartmental Method using Phoenix Win-Nonlin
    •  Species
      • Rodent: Mice, Rat & Guinea Pig
      • Non-Rodent: Beagle Dog, Rabbit, Mini Pig & Swine

  • Animal Models

    We have the expertise in guiding you choose the appropriate animal model for your development program and conduct the screening of your therapeutic compound.

    • Rodent: Mice, Rat & Guinea Pig
    • Non-Rodent: Beagle Dog, Rabbit, Mini Pig & Swine
    The state-of-art vivarium for small and large animals at BRC are designed as per the global regulatory standards to maintain research integrity and safety with special emphasis on animal welfare.

  • Surgical Models

    We ensure thorough training and competence of our personnel for blood sample collection to minimize the stress and maintain the health and welfare of the animal.

    • Portal Vein
    • Jugular Vein
    • Tail Vein
    • Bile Duct
    • Femoral Vein

  • Routes Of Administration and Biological Matrices Collection

    Our scientific team has the expertise in selection of specific route and are competent enough to administer the test compound via multiple routes that can potentially contribute to experimental refinement and minimize adverse effects on animals

    • Routes of Administration
      • Oral (gavage, Capsule/tablet, diet)
      • Parenteral (intravenous, intraperitoneal, subcutaneous and intramuscular)
      • Sublingual
      • Buccal
      • Ocular
      • Intranasal, Inhalation
      • Dermal
    • Biological Matrices
      • Blood (Plasma & Serum)
      • Urine and feces
      • Tissues including ocular
      • Aqueous Humor and Vitreous Humor
      • CSF
      • Synovial Fluid
      • Gingival Crevicular Fluid

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