Animal Welfare

Laboratory Animal Welfare

The use of laboratory animals in biomedical research remains essential to enable researchers develop new drugs and ensure the effectiveness and safety of new treatments on humans and animals.

  • Committed to build a workplace that nurture and treat animals with care, compassion and dignity.
  • Strong campaigners of animal welfare and consider our work with animals in biomedical research a privilege.
  • Strictly adhere to the highest standards to ensure the well-being of animals in care and ethical conduct.
  • Follow comprehensive environmental and enrichment programs.
  • Full-time social housing of animal species.
    • Dog kennels with interconnecting doors for socialization.
    • Mini Pig caging system enabling snout-to-snout contact.

The conferring of maximum percent of Noble Prizes for outstanding contributions to medicine have involved animal research and is a great testament of the role of laboratory animal models and biomedical research in developing life changing therapeutics.

All our research protocols are designed and performed following the review by the external Institutional Animal Ethical Committee. We implement the principles of 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement) approach to all the protocols to ensure the use of appropriate number of animals.

BRCs Code Of Conduct

Caring with compassion

Good animal welfare and minimize distress

Adequate training of employees involved in the care and welfare of animals

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